Welcome to the Khaldoun Alnaqeeb Archive.

I hope by going through the pages of this website, you will experience what my father went through towards understanding human behavior. I felt the need to archive all of his ideas and his life for those who didn't know him, as well as for the people who had the chance to meet him. This project took a year to complete, going through all the papers, videos and photos that belonged to my father. He kept everything he touched, in his library at home, almost 50 years of brain storming in notes, which I am planning to preserve as well.

I feel with this project, it is the start of his life and, not, the end. Through it, I am hoping to bring the intellectual, the skeptical and the individual who seeked the truth towards a journey of reason and academia. I would like to thank everyone who was part of making the Khaldoun Alnaqeeb Archive, from design, the technical work, to the overwhelming verbal, physical and emotional support. Mohammed Alkandari, Khayal Consultant, Dana Abdal, Aisha Al-Khaldi, Ghadah Alkandari, Mishal, Mariam Al-Suwaillem and most of all, my family.

Thank you.
Jana Khaldoun Alnaqeeb